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Psychological Influence of Early Orthodontic Care

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Not only does a healthy smile improve your childs overall health, studies indicate that it can considerably impact their emotional health as well!

Social scientist Dr. Anne Beall developed and organized a study in 2006 that exposed that those with great smiles were perceived as better, more intelligent, happier and generally more successful in life.

Dentist have long suggested this to be the case and we all know how early childhood peer to peer teasing ie (buck teeth) during very impressionable years can negatively impact childhood self esteem which can then transition over into adulthood.

“The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children be evaluated by age seven,”
Early diagnosis and treatment undermines accelerated adverse conditions.

Most orthodontic problems should be treated in a child’s pre-teen to early teen years. There are medical advantages attached to treatment during this age bracket, plus children within this age range tend to be more obedient to their treatment than the average teenager.

Many modern options exist for the treatment of misaligned teeth.  Traditional metal braces, ceramic clear braces, self ligating braces, and invisalign which are also known as hidden braces.

Dr. Kalim Sadiq is the principal at Orchard Orthodontics and operates a specialist orthodontic practice in straightening crooked teeth, in the most advanced, affordable and least painful way.

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