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Traditional braces Vs the Invisalign system.

Traditional orthodontic braces Vs the Invisalign system.

Dental appliances or braces are a tool used to align the teeth position on a person's bite. They often come with brackets and wires attached to the teeth to be straight and is also used to assess minor bites, deep overbite, cross bite and open bite or teeth that are bent called malocclusion (bad-uh-Kloo-zhun ), the word comes from Latin and means "terrible bite. " Malocclusion is a word that dentists use to describe the shape of your mouth. Therefore, the application of keys, the condition of your mouth and jaws are reformed. The keys to the brackets and wires is now a trend of young people who normally do not have teeth aligned position.


Invisalign is a series of apparent aligners to straighten teeth. Ask your orthodontist about them. It is also called invisible braces, braces, lingual braces or iBraces.

Invisalign aligners are clear and barely visible to others compared to metal braces orthodontic brackets and wires. Invisalign is made after the orthodontist takes impressions of your teeth and send them to the dental lab and make an apparent alignment unit according to the alignment of teeth using the computer.

When ready, the first set of aligners apparent teeth fixed. Under the guidance orthodontist, you will go to the next set of aligners apparent within a couple of weeks. For more information, the number of Invisalign aligners sets depend on the individual condition of the dental and orthodontic problems. Therefore, be prepared to see your orthodontist regularly and set aside some budget as well.

Invisable aligners are comfortable generally positive difference in the normal metallic teeth braces without brackets or wires to break out and push. However, Invisalign is ideal only for adults, not teenagers, and only appropriate for particular tooth movements. Just let your orthodontist give an opinion on whether you are a suitable candidate for traditional braces or Invisalign him.

Orthodontic treatment is able to fix the position of the teeth, it's best to start at a young age, yet many adults undergo treatment and prefer the Invisalign system offered at Orchard Orthodontics, mainly because the Invisalign process is discreet, this equates to invisible braces and is very desireable for adult patients.

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