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Croydon Orthodontist

Orchard Orthodontics Orthodontist Croydon are working hard to deliver bright, straight and healthy smiles to their patients. They offer a clean, welcoming and professional atmosphere. It is important that you are comfortable, and that you feel your services were above and beyond what you expected. Professionals are willing to answer all of your questions, address concerns and leave you with peace of mind. Prices are very affordable, and the procedures are not drawn out. Each patient is treated as an individual, because every one's situation is different. Orthodontics Croydon is welcoming new patients. They specialize in the health of the gums, teeth and mouth as a whole. They work to improve function and appearance. Even the joints are a part of a good orthodontic examination. Whether your teeth are crooked, you have an under-bite, overbite or something else orthodontics can help to reposition your teeth to where you get the maximum use and least discomfort. There are so many benefits to Orchard Orthodontics. You will look and feel better. Your teeth will be much easier to maintain and clean. Muscles and joints will not be strained. Some devices are removable and others are semi-permanent affixed devices. What ever one that is best to suit your lifestyle and needs will be determined after consultation and testing is completed. There are even devices that are considered functional, and they can change the way that you jaw is growing. All of the most modern and up-to-date technologies, methods and equipment is used. There are all sorts of options from headgear to invisible braces and everything in between. The pricing options will be discussed during your confidential consultation. Care and maintenance will also be discussed there. You will never be treated like a case or file and your treatment will never be rushed. You will always get the proper care and privacy that you deserve. Orchard Orthodontics work with you, and you are involved every step of the way. There are no surprises, and they friendly highly skilled professionals are dedicated to excellence all the way around the board. Don't put off getting the care that you need. Whether it is metal braces, invisalign, lingual braces, tooth colored braces, self ligating braces or retainers we will have something to suite your needs and budget. The testimonials speak for themselves. Drop by in person or on the web and see what we have for you today.

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